събота, 11 юни 2011 г.

My God, I am epicly failing at being a regular blogger, aren't I? I looked over my blog account and I noticed there are at least 5 or 6 postings that I've started and not yet completed so I guess at one point I can submit them all at once, just to catch up.

I notice a tendency of me writing a post in this blog every time I have finals. It's just that this specific method of procrastination gives me the illusion that I'm actually doing something useful - because I'm producing something and not just mindlessly scrolling through Cracked or Memebase. It doesn't take away from the fact that I'm still not doing anything University-related but... whatever, I can slack off until the night before the exam. Yeah, they're gonna LOVE me at Penn.

The BYLP thing is going smoothly, though. I am going to my visa interview on the 17th and the 25-26th are the two days the BYLP team and I are spending in the mountains for something of a team-building thing, I guess. And don't get me wrong now, but I find this a little puzzling. I'm never going to see most of these people - we're all headed for different parts of the U.S. and it's not like we're even flying on the same date, so why the need for team-building? Nevertheless, I would never decline an invitation to a free party in a four-star hotel, so I told them to count me in.

I hope I can offer more substantial material the next time I check-in but looking over the tabs in my browser that would be a stupid promise to make.

Oh, and here's a song for you to listen, because I seem to think someone actually cares about the music I like.