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Okay, on to the next one...

Happy New Year, Everybody!

I am sure that all of you had an awesome time celebrating on Friday, drinking and making out with random people without feeling any bit of regret or shame, because, hey, it's New Year's! You could do all the stupid things you want because tomorrow you can start fresh. Not only that, you feel ambitious and set yourself a couple of goals for the year - things you would want to accomplish by its end. Yes, the infamous New Years Resolutions are quite common for the most of us, mainly because we need something to force us to do something, or to keep doing it - namely that napkin where you wrote that you would never speak to your ex or quit smoking forever. Well, I decided that my napkin will be this blog - I'm going to share with you my resolutions for 2011 and hope that I can have the willpower to keep them.

1. Write more often in my blog

Now this is very important to me because it's not that hard to do but I just need something to remind me that I have to. It's the perfect resolution because it's not too vague and it would be good for me to keep doing it. This december was a busy one and I barely had the time to even think of new topics but I promise to you, to myself and the Resolutions God that I will be more regular this year.

2. Work out more and eat healthy

Ah, there's a classic. It's in almost every woman's resolutions list, every year. Why is that? Is it so hard to lose 5 pounds or go to the gym at least once a week for an hour? I believe that the thing that makes it so hard is that most women don't have the right strategy when making their regimen. We've all heard the usual dieting mistakes but what about the little things that we've missed? I, for example, am planning to drink nothing but water and tea for the next two months (with the occasional glass of wine, I guess). Most of our calorie intake is just from liquids and this simple thing could give great results but we'll see how it goes. But we'll cover that later on.

3. Read at least 20 books

I have this terrible habit on spending ridiculous amounts of time mindlessly scrolling web pages on my computer for hours. When I read a dozen of Wikipeadia pages or Lifehacker articles I tend to try and convince myself that it's just like reading a book but online. That's beyond idiotic. There are plenty of great books out there that every young person should read but I've missed out on them because I spend my time on CollegeCandy and TheOnion. In 2010 I only managed to read 10 or something but there were all so great that I now feel inspired to set the bar a little higher this time.

4. Take out my piano and actually play it

This summer my parents bought me an electric piano to take to college so that I could play all the time. I was so excited.. for about 3 weeks. After that it just stood next to my desk and I forgot about it. Which is a shame because I believe that if I put my mind to it, I could be great. I want to learn how to play the blues or a couple of classic pieces or crowd-pleasers. And the new year would be the right time to do exactly that.

5. Acheive better hair and better skin

I'm never pleased with my hair. No matter how I try, it just seems stupid to me. This summer I cut it short and it looks a little better but I believe there is more to do about it. Same goes for my skin. So, from now on, I'll take batter care of them both. Taht's it - short and simple.

6. Start writing lyrics again

You may not know this, but I used to write kind of decent song lyrics once. I don't really know why I'm calling them lyrics since only one of them ever got a melody but I'm not going to stop colling them that. I have no idea why I stopped; it used to be an important part of my life and now that it's gone, I definitely feel the difference. So I'm going to start again and who knows, maybe a song would come out of it all someday.

7. Start shopping wisely

I looked through a couple of ladies' resolutions lists and I never once saw anything like this. Everyone wanted nicer clothes or a change of style but no one had made a resolution on how to acheive that. I believe that the secret lies in wise shopping. For exaple, cover your basics. Have a couple of colors of plain blouses and tee shirts that actally look good on you. Have at least one pair of jeans of good quality. One pair of shoes for every occasion. I have a friend that has literally no flat shoes - what? First buy whatever you need, and after that what you want. You'll be amazed by how much of a difference a simple resolution like that makes.

8. Organize my music collection

Someday... I... will... have... order!

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