сряда, 13 юли 2011 г.

Did you Need an Update?

So here I am again, the summer is finally here for me and I haven't a single care in the world. Life is looking pretty good these days - I'm with my family again, working on a project I feel passionately about, seeing my friends and the beach... I even lost a couple of pounds :)

The dates of my arrival and departure from America have been established - I'm leaving on the 21st of August and returning home on the 15th of May. I'm hoping that I can travel with a couple of guys also participating in the program, who are flying to Pennsylvania. Poor guys will probably have to arrive in Philadelphia and then spend another couple of hours getting to their cities. Thankfully my final destination IS Philadelphia, so my flight will only last... about 12-15 hours. Oh, God.

I'm not yet thinking about what I'm going to pack, in fact I'm dreading the thought of doing so, because I know how hard that will be. But that is coming for me and I'll probably tell you how that goes.

In other news, I joined Google+! I'm left with great impressions, but I don't use it that much yet, mainly because none of my friends has climbed aboard. I think joining the network still requires an invitation, so if anyone needs one, just say the word!

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