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Make your own personalized magazine with Feedly

So a couple of days ago I was looking for a way to waste a couple of minutes on useless stuff when I stumbled upon a site that ended up taking 2 hours of my time.

And no, I'm talking about a porn site, although they tend to take just as long. I mean, have you seen those places? They're all sorts of fun! If you’re 18.

Anyway, that site isn't as much a site as it is a web application - meaning you have to install it as a part of your browser before you get to use it. It gives you the opportunity to organize and read the blogs you follow in a really cool and easy way. I think they're introducing it as a magazine, which is really attractive to me as a user and quite accurate, as well. Because a lot of the blogs tend to have much in common with magazines, don't they? Pictures, words... all that stuff. Anyways, feedly.com was, for me, a total change in the way I view blogs. I used to check for new entries daily using bookmarks in Opera and that did the trick for a while… if you're following 10 blogs or so. For more, you have to have something better. Some choose bloglovin' for fashion blogs, others turn to Google Reader or other web services. But Feedly is, in my opinion, the best choice of all.

Like many sites of its kind, Feedly lets you pick your favorite blogs and subscribe to them. It's all very easy - when you install the extension, a little feedly icon appears on the bottom right corner of your browser, which lets you follow a blog at any time. Another really cool feature is the "Save it for later" one, which gives you the chance to save a page and go back to it when you have the chance. I only wish there could be folders or some kind of categorizing tool that would let me divide my saved pages into different topics. But I'm sure that will be available in time.

In short, Feedly is a great blog management browser extension that I recommend to everyone who wants a more attractive and user-friendly reading experience. Be sure to try it and tell me what you think!

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