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Now entering Nerdist

When it comes to podcasts, I am oblivious. I don't know that many, and if I do, I don't follow them regularly because listening to people simply talking is just too hard for someone with ADD to do. But for me, Nerdist is an exception. A wonderful, awesome exception that I am incredibly happy to have come across.

How I've come to be a regular listener to Nerdist is I have trouble falling asleep in silence. Usually I just leave the TV on during the night but me and my roommate have decided to get rid of that habit this year so I had nothing to turn to. Enter Chris Hardwick and his fellow comedians to entertain me through interviews with awesome people who probably only true nerds would appreciate. Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, the Mythbusters, Donald Glover, Joel McHale, Allison Brie and Danny Pudi are just some of those. For some reason the show seems to want to go through the entire cast of Community, which I have absolutely nothing against. Donald and Allison were a pleasure to listen to, and I'm sure that when I get to Joel and Danny I will be equally pleased. But I digress.

What makes the interviews so special is that they don't seem like interviews at all. They're just like a regular chat between friends on all kinds of topics. Chris and his colleagues have the amazing ability to keep the conversation going without making it look forced. And they're all such funny people - I have actually laughed out loud on several occasions, and that is quite the rarity for me. It gets particularly weird when I use public transportation because I can't hold my laughter in even then which always costs me a couple of worried looks.

But I don't mind it at all if that is the price for being this entertained. It's just a pleasure to have so many interesting and funny people in one place talking about things we have all wondered at some time. And when they have so much fun spending time with each other, how can you not have fun with them?

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