събота, 27 ноември 2010 г.

Link of the Week: StereoMood.com

I don't know about you but I'm incredibly picky about the music I listen to. My playlist rarely consists of only one band or musician and while I would like to stick to a specific genre I prefer a little diversity in style. Besides I almost always have to listen to a song at least two or three times to really like it, so radio barely helps me discover new music.

What I find helpful, though, is this site called StereoMood.com which plays you not only really great songs by talented artists, but also arranges them into playlists according to your mood. So you have your general emotions like Happy, Dreamy, Sad, Nostalgic and so on; but then there are playlists for certain situations like Spring Cleaning, Party, Road Trip and many more.

If it were any other site, I would've tried it out, seen that it sucks and forgotten all about it. But, as I mentioned, the music over there is really great. And not only that, it really suits the playlist it's been put in. I've used more than half of these already for different situations and I've not regretted it yet. Another awesome thing about the site is that there are a lot of foreign songs included in the playlists, so you also have a little bit of exotic diversity there.

I hope you try this site out, I promise you won't be sorry. Invite a couple of friends to dinner and use it as a musical background if you like, there's a playlist for that, as well. Then just sit back, relax and wait for the compliments on your musical taste to rain on you.

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