неделя, 28 ноември 2010 г.

Triple S: Sunday Song Suggestions

Whenever I find a song I really like, I immediately feel the need to share it with someone. It just feels so much more special when someone else enjoys it with you. I since I believe that the end of the week is a great time to kick back and listen to some great tunes, I'm starting a weekly rubric known as Triple S: Sunday Song Suggestions, wherein I will pass out a few recommendations and hope you feel just as strongly about those tracks as I do.

First we'll start with a classic:

Great song, thank you, Ruslan!

Then again, if you're not a jazz fan, another amazing 4 and a half minutes for the lovers of rock is this one:

... which features some simple, but amazing lyrics. Be sure to check them out!

And lastly, a very uplifting song by The Super Preachers:

It's interesting to me because it's so cheerful and energetic, yet the band members are sort of zombies in the music video. Is it symbolic? What does it mean? If you have any clue, I'd be glad to hear your suggestions.

Anyways, that's it for me this week. Tune in next week for some more site recommendations and other stuff I might feel like sharing with you :)

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